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Date: 4 June 2013 18:41
Subject: Contact: making a Zoetrope
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Name: Hanna Habermann

Email: hanna at habermann-design.de

Subject: making a Zoetrope

Message: Hi everyone,

I am working on a 3d Zoetrope, just as a personal project.
I got quite far already but think I need some help for controlling
motor, light and sound.

I would love to come by and show the things. When would that be good?
I could do this Thursday or next week Tuesday.
I also have some quite specific questions, so if anyone is interested
then, would like to sit down and go through it in detail.

here is my Zoetrope blog where you can see a bit work in progress.

Many thanks

Hanna Habermann
mobile UK +44-7587-225520

HOST: host86-156-120-251.range86-156.btcentralplus.com

Matthew Venn
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