[hackspacebristol] 3D printing: PLA smoothing

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i'm not convinced the hackspace is set up for handling anything this toxic - given that there's so many different people using the space at different times, people handling food etc

that web page saying "this is a serious industrial chemical" - made me think the hackspace is more of a hobbyist space - i know there are lots of engineers, but extraction etc isn't really up to scratch for one thing            

putting models in a rock polisher seems better - no fumes for one thing.
All the best


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Hi Ian, although the article says you can buy from amazon, there are no UK sellers of the stuff, I'm trying to source some myself atm.

If anyone is at uni, might be worth asking a science lab to trial in the labs


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Someone was asking me today at the BV Studios open day (well done everyone, by the way, everyone said we were the most fun room!) about smoothing/sanding PLA parts. I think it was a lady that does casting in G12, who was interested in lost PLA casting. I happened to find this this evening: http://www.protoparadigm.com/blog/2013/06/vapor-smoothing-and-polishing-pla-with-tetrahydrofuran-thf/

I used some of the old PLA (blue, green, black, transparent red, transparent green) printing lots of small Minecraft creeper keyrings. I gave most of them away, but there are a few left on top of the printer PC, if anyone wants to pick one up.


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