[hackspacebristol] Hackspace Lan Party! Saturday 22nd June

Ian Stratford ginjaian at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 14:22:23 UTC 2013

Thanks to all who came along to the LAN party yesterday. Jon, John, Nathan,
Katie, Patrick, Daniel (Patrick's son), Alex (John's friend), Andy (from my
old LAN gamers group) and myself had a good day. Lots of games played, not
too much messing about with PCs, lots of pizza, fish and chips and fizzy
pop consumed. We got going by around 11.30am, all packed up and left by
11pm. The hardware and network mostly survived, though internet access
seemed to cut out on occasion. Playing locally served games is really the
only practical choice. A couple more Ikea desks like the two in the 'big'
area (the newer ones against the wall) would be really useful; the small
tables and the older desks are getting a bit long in the tooth.

Games played were:
Team Fortress 2 (free on Steam, Win/Mac/Ubuntu) - classic, could have
played it all day
Trackmania Nations Forever (free, Steam or standalone, Win only) - very
Armagetron (free, Win/Mac/Ubuntu) - stupidly fun!
World of Tanks (free, Win only) - one that needs a bit of time investment
to learn
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territories (free, Win/Mac/Ubuntu) - 8
years old, but still great - once I had told everyone what they were
supposed to be doing!

We also had a few games of Mechwarrior 3 and Demigod (both Windows only),
'supplied' by Alex.

With a mix of Windows, Mac and Ubuntu machines, it's tricky finding games
everyone has got and can play. Many Windows games can be played on Mac and
Ubuntu using Wine, PlayonMac/Linux or CrossoverMac/Linux. But these
definitely need to be tested before coming to a LAN party! Many games now
require online registration, and you generally need to login to play. Also
worth doing in advance, though we didn't really specify a list of games
this time. Will do in future.

We discussed holding another event in 6 to 8 weeks, so with more notice we
can 'fill the ranks' a bit more. Suggestions for games include Unreal
Tournament (various versions) and Quake III. More suggestions that don't
mean we all have to spend loads of cash greatly received!

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