[hackspacebristol] Using Oscilloscopes

Tom Gardner tggzzz+hs at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 00:21:32 UTC 2014

At last night's meeting two different people asked me how to use an
oscilloscope. I tried to give a quick overview, but was well aware that my
off-the-cuff explanations were neither sufficently coherent nor
sufficiently detailed.

Here's a source <http://uk.tek.com/learning/oscilloscope-tutorial> of some
basic info on how to use an oscilloscope, from one of the two best scope
manufacturers. Have a look at the beginner's guides, specifically including
the "Probes Primer" to see how to calibrate a *10 probe and how to connect
a probe to the circuit you're testing.

If you don't understand the probing side, you *will* get distorted signals
that don't reflect reality - as someone discovered a couple of weeks ago!
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