[hackspacebristol] Using Oscilloscopes

Tom Gardner tggzzz+hs at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 14:06:05 UTC 2014

Potential practical exercises/demos

   - sig gen to see
      - y scale and offset
      - timebase scale and offset and type
      - trigger level and type
      - sine wave plus uncalibrated *10 probe at different frequencies
      - square wave to calbrate *10 scope probe
      - poor probe grounding
      - switching power supply to look at switching noise
   - ac/dc coupling
      - triggering
      - uart (or any available digital signal on a board) to see
      - trigger holdoff
      - delayed timebase (if scope has one)
      - *1 probes vs *10 probes
      - poor probe grounding

What's the sig gen's risetime and frequency?

Safety is a very important topic which I'm happy for you to cover, but we
ought to ensure we don't propagate suboptimum practices.

Do we have any isolating transformers?

On 26 July 2014 20:23, matthew venn <matt at mattvenn.net> wrote:

> wow! sounds pretty complete! I'll have to come on the course too! Perhaps
> we could split it over a couple of sessions - a beginners and advanced.
> I've used the sig gen recently and it works fine. Serial uarts aplenty in
> the hackspace's arduino supply.
> One thing to add to the list is working safely with mains. I've only just
> done that myself.
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