[hackspacebristol] Oscilloscope workshop: dates, objectives, help required

John Willis john at john-willis.me.uk
Tue Sep 9 22:52:21 UTC 2014


Thanks for organising this, I will be there and have a key.


On 09/09/14 17:07, Tom Gardner wrote:
> In order to get things moving, I'm going to arbitrarily define that 
> we'll have a tutorial workshop on *Monday 29th of September, starting 
> at 6:30pm*. If too many people object or can't make it, we'll think 
> about changing the time and/or date.
> I'll need this support:
>   * someone with a key to let us in
>   * others (hopefully Matt, JohnH and Russ) that can correct my
>     mistakes and omissions, and give people hints and tips during the
>     practicals
> *So please let me know that you can help and/or be there.*
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Objective: have a sufficient theoretical and practical understanding 
> of scopes so that you could
>   * buy a scope that suits your needs, knowing where specmanship
>     pitfalls are located
>   * buy scope probes that suit your needs and the scope
>   * avoid common traps, to use oscilloscopes accurately and safely
> but that's quite a stretch goal; I'll be satisfied if people at least 
> understand what they don't understand!
> We'll have a few circuits for you to probe, but feel free to bring 
> along one of your own, /with its circuit diagram/. You'll probably get 
> more out of the session of you are probing a circuit that you already 
> know about.
> *_Format_*
> Brief discussion: what /you've found out during your pre-workshop 
> research/, and we'll give you some more things to think about.
> First practical: using basic oscilloscope controls, and /trying to 
> avoid the traps we'll put in your path/.
> Discussion of what problems were encountered, the theory behind them, 
> and how to recognise/avoid the traps.
> Second practical: looking at some real-world analogue and digital 
> signals, using some of the more advanced controls.
> Discussion of whatever feels important.
> *_In Advance_*
> Beforehand do a /little/ research so that you have crude grasp of 
> terminology:
>   * understand the scope's three principal *internal building blocks*
>     (horizontal/time, vertical/voltage, trigger). Objective:
>     understand how to measure voltage and time so that you can determine:
>       o waveform's frequency, amplitude and offset
>       o circuit bandwidth
>   * find the names of various different *types of **scope probe**and
>     probe accessories*. Objective: understand the vocabulary so we can
>     discuss the theory and practice of:
>       o their characteristics and why different types of probe exist
>       o when you can and/or must use each type
>       o how to use different types
>       o and the same for probe accessories
>   * find the names of different *types of scopes*, Objective:
>     understand the vocabulary so that we can discuss
>       o bandwidth
>       o digital vs analogue scopes
>       o MHz vs MS/s
>       o real-time vs equivalent time
>   * come up with ideas about how you could *damage* the scope, scope
>     probe, your circuit (or yourself) when using a scope. Objective:
>     environmental noise reduction.
> I will send out a short reading list to those that are attending.
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