[hackspacebristol] Workshops next door?

adam armfield adamairmailed at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 16 05:47:28 UTC 2014

there is michelles place as well, though can't reember if thats just casting

in some ways i'm reluctant to suggest expansion into another building - but on the other hand if theres demand perhaps all metalwork stuff would be better separate

or, as russ says, it could be that interested people set up a separate venture - 

it's really that i'm wary of taking on too much space that becomes unaffordable - 

i'd been meaning to ask that people don't cut steel on this new cnc mill - just because it'd expose a lot of people to the dust, you can't have mri scans if you have worked with ferrous metals too much

All the best


On Monday, 15 September 2014, 22:44, Mouse <aarrgghh at aarrgghh.co.uk> wrote:

Hi All.
Passing a message on from the bloke who owns / runs the welding shop 
that backs on to the BV studios buildings as it may be of interest.

He is in the process of converting his building into a collection of 
mechanical workshops in much the same way as BV studios is for artists 
but more hands-on and fabrication. It is still in the embryonic and 
planning stages but I thought it worth a shout out on the mailing list 
should it be of interest to anyone or worthy of following up more 
formally for a potential hammers, anvils chapter of Bristol Hack Space.


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