[hackspacebristol] Hackspace Christmas Party 17th December

David Henshall david_henshall at lineone.net
Fri Nov 27 22:29:03 UTC 2015

The time for the Hackspace’s Christmas Party has arrived. In line with tradition it’s on the 17th of December, the Thursday before Christmas Eve.

Come along to say hello and share the festive. It's been quite a year for the Hackspace welcoming new members and the acquisition of the A0 laser cutter, there’s lots to celebrate.

It will also be an opportunity to share time with Matt Venn before his departure to Spain in the new year. I’m sure all would agree that Matt has made a huge contribution to the Bristol Hackspace over the years and he will be missed! This will be an opportunity the thank him and wish him well on his new adventure.

Please bring along food and drink that you would like to share. I believe that Russ’s mead will be ready for the occasion.

Best wishes,

David H

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