[hackspacebristol] A new entry for the Fire risk assessment

John Willis john at john-willis.me.uk
Fri Feb 12 12:53:09 UTC 2016

The fire risk assessment needs to be updated as it was written before we 
bought the fire extinguishers.

When it is please add the following risk:        Risk that access to the 
fire extinguishers will be blocked.

The risk that they will be blocked ( or moved somewhere else to store 
something ) is very high as we had an old laser cutter in front of the 
extinguisher brackets in G10 for 4 months, and more stuff piled in front 
of them within days of that moving out.

The risk of serious damage, injury or death is low but probably a lot 
higher than a simple evaluation of fire stats would indicate. I suspect 
that the incidence of fire is much higher in organisations with the poor 
approach to Health & safety we see in Hackspace e.g. crappy electrical 
distribution, flammable materials left on the benches, wood dust and 
shavings not cleared up, gangways regularly blocked, warning signs near 
the G11 sink and biohack bench ignored, and its not clear what should be 
left on at night and its difficult to check everything else is off.

In my view this is best dealt with by a strictly enforced rule that you 
do not store things in gangways, work spaces, or in a way that blocks 
access to safety equipment. The current system, where it is left to the 
judgement of people who are happy to leave cups on the biohack bench 
etc. is not working.

David H took pictures.


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