[hackspacebristol] Membership (was: Magnifying lamp)

David Smith David.Smith at imgtec.com
Tue Feb 23 16:09:04 UTC 2016

From: Hackspacebristol [mailto:hackspacebristol-bounces at lists.aktivix.org] On Behalf Of John Willis
> Why do we need pay per visit, the statement on the membership page is: 
> "we ask you to make a monthly payment via standing order that covers the use you get out of the space (most people pay between £10-£20 per month)"
> which doesn't prevent you paying less than £10 per month.

No, but a £10 minimum is certainly what is said/implied when tours are given.

> Where does the £2 per visit come from I have seen a coin box in that requests £4 per visit  but haven't found anything on the Wiki.

Well, at the end of the paragraph you've quoted from the membership page, it says "One time use of the space carries a suggested donation of £2".  This implies that you should be calculating your monthly payment on a basis of £2/visit.

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