[hackspacebristol] Membership (was: Magnifying lamp)

David Smith David.Smith at imgtec.com
Tue Feb 23 16:22:41 UTC 2016

From: Hackspacebristol [mailto:hackspacebristol-bounces at lists.aktivix.org] On Behalf Of John Whittington
> Isn't it more an issue that whilst a PAYG offer would be more cost effective for most members - myself included - an organisation like the Hackspace with monthly rent and other substantial overheads couldn't exist if the bulk of members were PAYG. The income is inconsistent and would put the directors at undue risk. It would also create a headache for the treasurer I imagine.

Maybe, but under the current arrangements, some people are basically excluded from becoming members because the £10/month minimum makes it very poor value-for-money.  Since non-membership also means exclusion from inductions, any tool which requires inductions is basically off-limits unless you're willing to pay for full membership.

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