[hackspacebristol] Speakers moved from space?

John Willis john at john-willis.me.uk
Fri Feb 26 10:14:33 UTC 2016

  The Altec lancing speakers were under the desks near where John 
usually sits when we left on Sunday..

There are some violet do not hack ever stickers ( in the envelope 3rd 
drawer down in eh desk )  to identify Hackspace stuff that looks like it 
might be available for Hacking. I suggest you put one on each of the 
speakers, and put them on the wall with power & input leads so they can 
be easily used.

I didn't see the JBL speakers, we would have put a blue sticker on them 
if we had.


On 26/02/16 09:36, Nathaniel Poate wrote:
> I came in last night to collect a slow progress repair project from 
> the space due to the clearout and delays getting spare parts, a set of 
> JBL speakers which i tucked under the desk in the far corner, under 
> the tools board by the soldering stations, but alas in the move they 
> have disappeared?
> Wondered if anyone knew where they had beed relocated to int he space 
> or has anyone 'borrowed' them? i had in the box some expensive 
> amplifier chips i bought to repair it, and i am still awaiting some 
> bits from china (prob fake) to fix it.
> I had a look on the new, amazing looking shelves (well done guys on 
> the rearrangement) but couldn't find them anywhere. They are in its 
> packaging, but it is these speakers:
> If anyone has relocated them in the space or their home, please could 
> i have them back?
> Also, i do hope the Altec Lansing speakers i donated to the space for 
> space use only are still at the space, again i couldn't see them. If 
> they have been relocated out of the space, could they be returned to 
> the space, or if the space do not want them, i will take them back.
> Thank you
> Nat
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