[hackspacebristol] Soldering iron recommendations?

Nava Whiteford new at sgenomics.org
Fri Jan 8 22:43:37 UTC 2016

Something like the Aoyue 937 makes a good first soldering iron:


They are cheap irons of variable quality, but in general work well. If you
wanted to spend a bit more money I'd recommend a Hakko FX888D but they are
not easily available in the UK (almost all those on eBay are fake).

Besides the iron there are a couple of other important factors to consider.
The first is the soldering iron tip. The irons usually come with a conical
tip. I don't find those very easy to solder with. It's probably worth
getting a selection of tips, but I recommend a chisel tip. I like these:


The next factor is solder. I'd recommend you get at least some leaded
solder to experiment with. It's illegal to sell products using leaded
solder (due to health concerns) but it's much easier to use. Getting good
solder is important, this is the leaded solder I use:


If you prefer unleaded solder, I've been using this stuff as well which is
pretty good:


If you need some tips on tools/soldering I have some notes at the end of
the document here:


The EEVBlog tutorials are also pretty good:

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 5:17 PM, Libby Miller <libby at nicecupoftea.org> wrote:

> hi everyone,
> I’d like to buy a decent soldering iron for soldering components onto
> circuit boards and other bits and pieces. Does anyone have any
> recommendations?
> Many thanks,
> Libby
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