[hackspacebristol] Skillshares in June, July

Kaspar Emanuel kaspar.bumke at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 22:00:33 UTC 2016

Hi all,

can't see any announcements for Skillshare in May though Ross Mowat did
propose one. Did it run? How did it go?

I have been thinking about helping out more with these would like to
propose a few:

*1. Programming ICE40 FPGAs with a completely open source toolchain*You may
not have heard but some friendly hackers reverse-engineered the Lattice
ICE40 bitstream and you can now program them with a complete open source
toolchain. This opens up new possibilities in how computing can be done as
it has the potential for reconfiguring the hardware on the fly from
software running on a host computer.

This is a little dependant on getting ICE40 Icestick dev boards (14.67 incl
VAT) which look to be back in stock around the 20th of June. I do have one
myself but each participant would need one.

*2. Email encryption*

This could be done by my friend Mat who has done workshops like this a few
times now. We need to gauge interest and find out if participants primarily
use their phone or their laptop to read their emails and target the
workshop towards that.

*3. Reflow soldering*
We have probably run one of these in the past but I think there might be
interest in how to learn how to use our hacked toaster oven to assemble
PCBs. Maybe someone else would like to step in an run this? Otherwise I'd
be happy to do it.

Please do let me know if any of this sounds interesting and if you think
you would sign up. If you would like to help out on any of the above or
have another topic you would like to teach, all the better.

Am I right in thinking skillshares are traditionally run every 3rd Tuesday
of the month? That would be the 21st of June, in 2 weeks time.


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