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Kaspar Emanuel kaspar.bumke at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 18:05:14 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I was reading an old message from Kit from after running the sensor

On 6 April 2016 at 09:43, kit.wallace <kit.wallace at gmail.com> wrote:

According to Eventbrite we had a gross income of £44.00 and a net of £26.11
>  - this means Eventbrite made £17.89,   41% of takings .

Which seems like a lot considering we are mostly taking payments to make
sure people actually show up.

I set up a service at https://events.bristolhack.space running Attendize
<https://github.com/Attendize/Attendize> which is an open source ticket
booking system. This uses Stripe as a payment provider and the fees are
thus 1.4% + 20p instead of the 5% + 99p with Eventbrite.

I set this up on a (free for 1 year) instance of Amazon EC2 but we can
consider switching it to our existing free VPS (but not sure whom to
contact about that).

Attendize is in a beta testing phase at best and there may be bugs and
features missing. So far I have noticed that there is no way to delete an
event yet but I have
found a work-around for this by amending the database manually. I would
really like people to test it out to see if there are any blocking issues.

There is a test event on there and you can try and buy tickets for it
using these
test cards <https://stripe.com/docs/testing#cards> (expiry date and CCV
seem to be whatever you want). The payment stuff is not hooked up for real
yet but it’s a matter of adding some API keys. I could then receive the
funds to my Stripe account. Maybe we should make a Hackspace one.

I registered the domain bristolhack.space for £1.50 so I could play around
with the DNS settings and get the SSL certificates. It currently re-directs
to bristol.hackspace.org.uk and maybe we would like the events page set up
as a sub-domain of that as well instead (but I am not sure whom to contact
about that either).


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