[hackspacebristol] Spare benches and PSUs

John Rudin john.rudin at foliumoptics.com
Mon May 14 09:07:34 UTC 2018


We're doing some restructuring and moving of our business, and we've got a
bunch of electronics assembly, sturdy tables and workbenches which are
available, as well as two or three basic DC power supplies (double and
triple rail). Would Hackspace be interested in them at all? If so, then we
can hold onto them, otherwise they will be going for metal recycling.

Details of the benches attached.


John Rudin

COO / co-Founder
Folium Optics Ltd
Unit 28, Cooper Rd
Bristol BS35 3UP
(office) + 44 1454 419652
(mob)    + 44 775 383 4745
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