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Alan Dawson aland at burngreave.net
Sat Aug 8 01:31:31 BST 2009

On Sat, Aug 08, 2009 at 01:03:57AM +0100, dev.anubis at gmail.com wrote:
> Greetings,
> I haven't been able to make a HacktonLab gathering yet, but my house mate 
> Beth went to the rural camp in Wales and told me all about it and I'm 
> very keen to get involved. I'm particularly interested in 
> I am a member of the Anarchist Federation and we're currently in the R&D stages of working towards using GPG encryption firstly for sensitive communication between individuals, and eventually for fully secure email list encryption for general use.
> I have yet to find an example of encrypted email lists (private lists, not public obviously) in anything outside of conversations that usually culminate in " wouldn't that be  good idea", and so have resolved to (eventually) trying to develop a solution (I'm a Computer Science student so its entirely possible, although delivery to a schedule is very very improbable).
> I'm basically contacting to bounce the idea around, see if anyone can poke holes in the plans before it gets started.

There are a few software implementations of gpg encrypted lists available.

We've used mailman-ssl ( a patch to mailman ) but stopped after problems, and moved to schleuder2 which is under active development.

( see http://schleuder.nadir.org/e/index )

Rather than host your own instance ( maintaining a mail server can be a chore and you have  the added complexity of a gpg list software )

nadir.org ( a fine radical tech collective like riseup.net aktivix.org antifa.net autistici.org boum.org cat.org.au ecn.org espora.org enzyme.org.nz guardachuva.org interactivist.net linefeed.org moviments.net mutualaid.org nadir.org nodo50.org poivron.org resist.ca sarava.org sindominio.net so36.net squat.net tachanka.org taharar.org taktic.org tao.ca kariva.org .... ) who are developing shleuder can provide a managed list for you. 


Alan Dawson
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