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Totally agree Hamish, Charlie Veitch is a legend. His blend of spirituality, humour and anarchy is so refreshing i think. They seem to be getting quite well known now by the Met and City police though, perhaps they need to go on a UK tour to get back some of the oppositional edge that featured a little more in the earlier videos?

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RE http://www.youtube.com/user/cveitch 'Everything is OK'


The red pill is a one way journey and I admit I am finding it rather
challenging.  I have been having a bad time with the tricky balance
between remaining aware of the 'bad things' and staying in a state of
'love'.  I am what is more commonly known as depressed and have been
for years.  It seems to me that depression is a perfectly reasonable
response to the crap state of affairs.

I am missing the BGG experience largely because of the inspiration I
get from hanging out with you very inspirational people.  I was also
looking forward to Buffy night.

As a means of ameliorating my somewhat incapacitating moods, I have
been watching quite a few of the plethora of expose/conspiracy/'new
age' videos.  It is great to see the large growth over the last twelve
years of alternative media and its viewers.  I love the interwebs!

This seems to be some kind of unfortunate counterbalance to the new
legal frameworks that have been brought in. I am happy to remain
overtly unsure as to where these new statutes fall on a scale between
"knee jerk group mind reaction" and "co-ordinated effort". Those who
are sure that "what is going on"TM is a co-ordinated effort are either
labelled as nutty, are silenced or not working 'for the people'.

So what is the real point of my posting?

I wanted to share a series of video that I was put onto, namely
"Everything is OK" by Charlie and Danny.

They seem to me to be absolutely spot on and would encourage those of
you that have not seen them to check them out.  I would be interested
to hear your thoughts.

On a personal note I find that they are doing what I often seem to end
up doing when I am in similar situations.  For example at Newbury I
had a whole camp 'go go dancing' in the trees during the eviction, or
the time when we played a long game british bulldog/get onto/under the
nuke convoy (everyone managed to get at least three goes) and I
remember managing to get one of the SAS driving team to properly
smile. Or another time when I played 'best dressed/cutest policeman'
with a line of cops prior to an RTS.  There are many more. I look back
on them with fond memories and as I reflect I consider that this kind
of thing (making a cock of myself in public order situations) is my
perhaps my 'mission'.

Everything is OK also seems to promote the same meme as that Richard
and i were trying seed via the bog about oathkeepers.org on
cockspiracy.com.  i.e. get our Police and military on side just incase
they are asked to do shitty things to us.

Its been too long since I played with that kind of thing.  For one
thing the game seems more serious now, or at least since 9/11 its all
a bit more 'in yer face'.  But, what I really liked about 'Everything
is OK' is that it reminded me about a spiritual basis of protest, the
playfulness, the power of humour and of love, without being cringe
worthy hippies!  I know that some of you get this too.  I want to work
with you more! I guess that this is why I wanted to do the compereing
and help with the entertaining, ice breaking etc at events such as

Techincal stuff to be reported too! I used DVDStyler in Ubuntu Jaunty
with the restricted repositories to create my first DVD in a long
time.  I used some firefox plugin to download all the videos. It was
really easy and worked!  Now I will post it off to my friends living
in the woods without broadband, with my love and inspiration.  I hope
that it will heal.



remember that EVERYTHING IS OK

Thanks for listening.

My love and hugs

Sir Hamish
Lock on Chess Champion
Finder of the Staff of Truth and Justice
Decorator of those worthy of the purple fingernail for acts of madness
and merit in the face of darkness
Blatantly Obvious Sekrit Agent of Change
Recruiter for Ministry of the Bleedin Obvious

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