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Sat Aug 29 09:04:19 BST 2009

jumped online today after working all week and am banging stuff out
rather to quickly, too much haste I think.

We discussed this in Oxford because there WERE issue with this during
the last two years.  Basically due to the fact that it wasn't thought
about before hand, people got sketched into childcare unwittingly.

I totally don't want to exclude kids, I totally want kids to be at the
camp, I totally agree with you about how important that is.

I totally agree with adults empowering themselves to deal with issues
they may have with each other, and that could include kids.

This is what we minuted from our meeting in Oxford:

So, basically what I really wanted to say was kids are welcome.  We'd
like a donation for them to eat and we need a co-ordinator I think.  I
think that new wording was much better than mine .... :)



Mike Harris
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On 30/04/2010 16:39, Alan Dawson wrote:
> Hi...
> maybe it's just me .. but ...
> "They are welcome to eat" ..  but need permission to talk, play, piss, shit and breathe ?
> Maybe you should just keep this exclusive white, male, 20-30 something geek fest for yourselves then ?  Because otherwise one of the most interesting things about BarnCamp; the family friendliness of the environment, and the fact its _not_ just another conference in a squat/hotel/business park is lost.
> As far as I can remember there were a small number of children on site last year.  I don't remember them being disruptive, but may have missed those occasions.
> I would have thought that _if_ children were disrupting individual workshops, in those cases the workshop participants should have raised *at* *that* *time*, with the respective (ir)responsible adults and this does not need an additional section.
> Yours grumpily
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