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nice one mike. i've added something onto the wiki that i'm not at all sure you'll be interested in, but happy to offer it if you are. or could even do some academic wank about millions and millions of potential alices but i guess those that are interested will already know and those that aren't won't care! see you in june anyways

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Hi All,

Reckon it's seriously time to get the ball rolling on HacktionLab for 2009.

I've done a few things towards it.   I've spoken to Jane at Highbury
Farm and the dates I proposed before are available.  So these are the
11th till 14th June, that's a Thursday through to a Sunday at the same
venue as last year.   How does everyone feel about making it one extra
day?  Last year's was a bit of a push.  I think that having a whole
Friday and Saturday for workshops would be really cool.

Jane is up for providing evening meals for up to around 30 of us, but
we'd have to sort breakfast and lunch out ourselves.

I've started a new page on the Wiki for this year's event:


Please do edit the page and especially think about programming in the
and add workshop ideas to

I've also knocked together a small sign-up form so that we can get an
idea of numbers.  So please fill it in:


So, where next?

I'm well up for being one of the main organisers obviously and having
done last year, this year should be easier.   Would be great to have a
couple more, so please come forward if you'd like to co-organise the
overall production of HacktionLab.

We also need you to come forward if you're up for coming early to set up
infrastructure, and also help bring stuff to HacktionLab.

We also need you to come forward if you can stay until the Monday to
help tat down.

We need ideas for workshops, stuff that folk want to do and stuff that
folk can offer to do.

We need some volunteers for cooking/preparing food for breakfast and lunch.

We need some entertainment for Saturday night.

We need to start promoting it and getting calls to action out there and
advertising it on mailing lists.

So that's my thoughts on it.  I've taken the liberty of putting all this
together to get things underway, please start throwing ideas around and
come up with proposals.  It's all our HacktionLab.  I'm looking forward
to it.

Mike Harris
w: http://mbharris.co.uk
t: +44 7811 671 893
p: http://mbharris.co.uk/mike.gpg.pub
s: http://mbharris.co.uk/mike.ssh.pub
0: http://www.radiovague.com/fadaiat/101.php

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