[HacktionLab] Food at this year's HacktionLab

Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Thu May 14 17:05:22 BST 2009

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Hi Everyone,

As there are more days and hopefully more of us this year, in addition
to Jane at Highbury Farm we also have Amias and John helping to organise
meals this year.

Highbury Farm is a a vegan farm, but we are allowed dairly.  However the
food will be primarily vegan with some additions, such as milk, eggs as
an option for breakfast, and possibly cheese at lunchtimes.

In order that we can get numbers for food orders and cooking
arrangements, I've created a Doodle for meals during HacktionLab.

If you are coming could you pleae fill out the meals that you'll be
there for.  We do really need to know.  Just enter your name (or code
name, or whatever) along with any handy information about your diet or
allergies you think we ought to know (within reason).


Cunningly this will also give us an idea of when to expect you and what
workshop slots are likely to be busy or not at all busy.  So even if you
already signed up to this list and already signed up using the old
(defunct) sign-up form, please do do the Doodle for us.  Thanks.

Finally, and I will send out a reminder nearer the time, we are short on
crockery and cutlery, so I propose that we all bring a plate, bowl,
spoon, fork and knife each.  Sorted. :)



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