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Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Mon May 25 16:46:32 BST 2009

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Hi All,

Two and half weeks to go, and it's looking like it's going to be a good
one, whether the weather be hot or not.

Here's and update on where we are we most things and especially a few
things we need to get sorted:

1. Workshops + resources
2. Runner/contact
3. Signage
4. Food
5. Things that are sorted :)


I know that there are some of you out there with workshop proposals,
that you'd like to run, that you'd like to do who haven't already come
forward with them.  It's a fluid schedule at the moment and some of what
we actually do at HacktionLab we'll work out as we go, but in the
meantime, please add your ideas to the wiki page below and/or send your
ideas to this list:


Also, if you're running a workshop, please let me know via the list what
kit you will need if any to do it - such as flip-chart, pens, projector,
laptop, Internet, etc.


We need a couple of people preferably who are willing to collect anyone
that is arriving late from Chepstow and needs a lift to Redbrook
village.  You need to be up for driving to get them and have a vehicle
to do it in.  This is likely to be on the Thursday night and during
Friday.  Anyone up for this?

I propose we have a mobile number dedicated for people to call if they
have difficulties arriving or questions.  We ought to get a new mobile
phone sim card for this and then publish the number to the web site.
I've a spare unlocked mobile for this purpose.  Anyone have a spare
unused sim?


We need signage for HacktionLab to direct people up from Redbrook
village to the farm.

Would someone who is either coming with the forward crew on Wednesday or
arriving early on Thursday be up for making some signs to bring with
them (or bringing the materials to make them with them).  Signs we need
are at least 4 directing people up the hill to HacktionLab and also one
that indicates where the barn and camping fields are.


Do really need to know numbers for food, so please, please either
complete the Doodle at  http://doodle.com/tq2zgqt7h887n2qm - or
otherwise if you don't want to fill in the Doodle for whatever reason,
email either the list or me personally and let me/us know.  Thanks.

And just a reminder, to save lugging a load of crockery up to the Farm,
please bring your own plate, cup, bowl, knife, fork and spoon with you
if you can.  Thanks.


For the record, the other things that are already under control are the
fire provision, food purchase and delivery, the cider, toilet facilities
and low-voltage lighting thanks to Woodsy, John, Amias, Jane, Rich,
Llanos and Sam respectively.

That's all for now folks.


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