[HacktionLab] Anyone got a spare ADSL router?

Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Sat May 30 16:32:01 BST 2009

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Hi Ben,

Nice one, guessing, they're about 10 miles from either Monmouth or
Chepstow and then up a hill a mile from a village, so I doubt they have

For Rich's point, not sure who the provider is, will ask and cc you two
in on it.



gringo ben wrote:
> I'll be bringing a Draytek 2800 which is an ADSL2 router but I won't
> be able to leave it. I might be able to bring along a spare ADSL modem
> from LARC but it's not ADSL2 so limited in speed and a very unfriendly
> configuration front end.
> ben
> 2009/5/30 Mike Harris <mike at mbharris.co.uk>:
> Hi All,
> Apparently Highbury Farm's ADSL router is playing up.  Although I'll
> have the dish for net access, it's handy to be able to use the ADSL.
> Also, it would be good for us to be able to sort them out.
> So do any of you have an ADSL rotuer going spare, know how to configure
> it and is up for bringing it and sorting out the net access with it?  It
> would be good to have it there on Thursday afternoon.
> I've not done any diagnostics on the problem, so I've only got their
> word for it that it is indeed the router.  There'll be crimpers and RJ11
> and RJ45 connectors (phone and ethernet) so the lucky volunteer can also
> test the cables etc...
> Cheers,
> Mike.
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