[HacktionLab] Can we support the 1 in 12?

llanos gorditazz at aktivix.org
Tue Aug 24 22:22:55 BST 2010

Got this email and thought it'd be a good idea to forward to this  
list, especially since the 1 in 12 hosted a hacktiolab las winter??  
..and only if the roof stand it might host some other.  Anyway, they  
need support, could the hacktionlab donate anything?

Subject: solidarity with the 1 in 12 club!
From:    colmillo at riseup.net

FAO ALL MUTUAL AIDERS: i'm doing a benefit to raise some money for the
disintegrating roof of our amazing anarco social centre in bradford, tho
not in the form of a gig but a sponsered run!! i know it is old school and
not so full of panache as other benefit events .. and will hurt, maybe
more than putting on gigs does. but i can't unconvince myself of it and
the club is in dire need of cash. repairing the roof is probably going to
cost in excess of 10 grand and those that know the place will know we
don't have that kind of capital (in fact the club is currently running at
a loss and has been for a while)
so please help me rise to this challenge! its the yorkshireman fell race
on 12th sept... 14.8 miles over hills and valleys including the highest
point in west yorkshire.. it will be hardcore! i am not a seasoned fell
runner, yet!!
if any of you 1 in 12 appreciators , (or just afficionados of the
autonomous social centre ethos, if you havent yet visitted the place)
would like to sponser me , the encouragement will really help, and all the
cash is going to the club's roof fund. i'v got over 100 quids worth
already, wanna make it 1000. and make this beautiful but probably painful
experience worth while! email me to add yourself to the list of supporters
  - theres a sponsership form on the noticeboard in the bar at the club too
if people wanna use it and also point it out to others .
cheers xxx
heres to burning muscles and a beer afterwards!

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