[HacktionLab] Can we support the 1 in 12?

Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Mon Aug 30 18:42:34 BST 2010

 Hi All,

We're not particularly rich, with just 236.89 in the pot (see
http://hacktivista.net/hacktionlab/index.php/HacktionLab_pot) and the
booklet to print and distribute, if that ever happens.  We could donate
a bit of this.  Personally, I'm up for helping the 1-in-12 and would
willingly make a decent donation for the November event as well as
supporting Jayne in her quest.


Mike Harris
w: http://mbharris.co.uk
t: +44 7811 671 893

On 24/08/2010 22:58, JimDog wrote:
> Nice one :-) thanks llanos. Jayne is totally amazing for doing this so
> anyone who can support her in her mission would be most appreciated!
> Just for related info, this years winter hacktionlab will again be up
> at the good old 1in12 (if the roof doesn't cave in first), most
> probably during the weekend of 20-21st November. Are people generally
> up for it if it happens around that date? As agreed this will be more
> hardcore geek/practical action focused and there are already a few
> good ideas floating about away from the list.
> Further details to follow next week once the whole edl debacle in
> bradford is done with.
> Jimdog
> http://northern-indymedia.org
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> From: "llanos" <gorditazz at aktivix.org>
> Date: Tue, Aug 24, 2010 22:22
> Subject: [HacktionLab] Can we support the 1 in 12?
> To: <hacktionlab at lists.psand.net>
> Got this email and thought it'd be a good idea to forward to this  
> list, especially since the 1 in 12 hosted a hacktiolab las winter??  
> ...and only if the roof stand it might host some other.  Anyway, they  
> need support, could the hacktionlab donate anything?
> Subject: solidarity with the 1 in 12 club!
> From:    colmillo at riseup.net
> FAO ALL MUTUAL AIDERS: i'm doing a benefit to raise some money for the
> disintegrating roof of our amazing anarco social centre in bradford, tho
> not in the form of a gig but a sponsered run!! i know it is old school and
> not so full of panache as other benefit events .. and will hurt, maybe
> more than putting on gigs does. but i can't unconvince myself of it and
> the club is in dire need of cash. repairing the roof is probably going to
> cost in excess of 10 grand and those that know the place will know we
> don't have that kind of capital (in fact the club is currently running at
> a loss and has been for a while)
> so please help me rise to this challenge! its the yorkshireman fell race
> on 12th sept... 14.8 miles over hills and valleys including the highest
> point in west yorkshire.. it will be hardcore! i am not a seasoned fell
> runner, yet!!
> if any of you 1 in 12 appreciators , (or just afficionados of the
> autonomous social centre ethos, if you havent yet visitted the place)
> would like to sponser me , the encouragement will really help, and all the
> cash is going to the club's roof fund. i'v got over 100 quids worth
> already, wanna make it 1000. and make this beautiful but probably painful
> experience worth while! email me to add yourself to the list of supporters
>  - theres a sponsership form on the noticeboard in the bar at the club too
> if people wanna use it and also point it out to others .
> cheers xxx
> heres to burning muscles and a beer afterwards!
>  jayne
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