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Alan Dawson aland at burngreave.net
Tue Aug 31 23:22:00 BST 2010

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 06:36:51PM +0100, Mike Harris wrote:
>  Hi All,

hi :-) 

> We need some agenda ideas for Bradford.  Could any of you who are coming
> and have ideas for it please add them to the page.  That'll make it look
> more exciting and full of fun! :P thanks.

Some semi random thoughts on possible agenda items : 

0. Using monkeysphere to escape the hierarchy of x509. A skill sharing session on monkeysphere  ( http://monkeysphere.info ), which uses gpg to sign { ssh keys || http && other x509 certificates }. 
This would tie in nicely with a gpg signing session as we are all going to be doing gpg key transitions to 4096 bit RSA keys from the default 1024 bit DSA keys, which are becoming crackable with sufficient computing resource.

1. Using the barrier method for safe and fun social networking.  
Developing a series of proxies that allow individuals and groups ( think activists and indymedia collectives ) to insert their content into commonly used social networking infrastructure.
Demonstrate a twitter propaganda bot ( insults #tag trolls and positive retweeting activist service ).  Develop an implementation of a no data retention indymedia url shortening and rss->twitter news service. Discuss Diaspora, and possible implementations for privacy enthusiasts.

2. Deep throat.  Can we safely talk through internet ?
Results from the voip development discussions and experiments.

3. Our friends in the network
Some old school friends get together to share the latest gossip from the radicaltech collective scene, whats open whats not, and who's signing each others keys!

/*   thats probably enough for now! */


Alan Dawson
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