[HacktionLab] Moving list servers

Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Sat Dec 18 11:04:52 GMT 2010

 Hi All,

As one of the list admins, and also the person who originally set up
the list at lists.psand.net, I'm interested in moving list servers, from the current, which runs
Mailman, to Riseup, that uses Sympa. 

I also have personal reasons for moving the list from Psand to Riseup,
which I'll happily explain to anyone who wants to know, but am not up
for airing on a public list.

I'd like to:

* set up a new list on Riseup with the same name and same admins.
* subscribe everyone who is currently on the list to the new list.
* update all web links to suit.
* shut-down the current list.

I propose doing this ASAP, unless there are massive objections.  



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