[HacktionLab] Wordpress aggregator site testing

Adelayde Skidmore adelayde at riseup.net
Thu Dec 30 16:22:23 GMT 2010

 On 29/12/2010 12:09, m3shrom wrote:
> http://blogs.clearerchannel.org/
> There’s a new test site to test out the new aggregator theme for
> wordpress. It’s installed here
> http://blogs.clearerchannel.org/aggregator/
nice one mick.  I'd like to get one of these going for oxford stuff, as
the IMC site just doesn't cut the mustard for pulling in all that rich
media content.

> In theory it should be able to display images from flickr and still from
> youtube and other sharing sites. But it looks like the images don’t work
> at the moment. If you can help out looking at why this isn't working
> please let me know.
> The theme uses the Simple Pie parser (often used in Drupal to aggregate)
> to get the information from feeds into a recognizable format. There’s
> information about the aggregator theme here.
> http://templatic.com/news/aggegator-all-your-feeds-at-your-website-front
> I'm looking for people to test out the blogging set up to test and
> recommend wordpress plugins and themes that help people do blogging,
> create good feeds and maybe aggregate those feeds (if it works!) -
> please get in touch if you can help.
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