[HacktionLab] using miro community to combine and clean feeds

m3shrom at riseup.net m3shrom at riseup.net
Fri Dec 31 13:07:29 GMT 2010

And here's another tutorial on how to combine video feeds in
mirocommunity, and clean the feeds to make them more reliable for the
wordpress aggregator.

This software also has really good moderating UI - let me know if you want
a log in to check it out.
Test site http://clearerchannel.mirocommunity.org

Tutorial on use -

Miro Community is a free service and free software which allows you to
create a video community site.

We can also use this software to ‘clean’ and/ or combine video feeds from
sites like YouTube that might not always work the way we want them.

Currently Dec 2010 – You Tube feeds don’t display images on the Aggregator
Theme for drupal. So a word around for this is to input the feeds into
Miro Community.

Getting Started

Sign up for an account at mirocommunity.org. Then navigate to the Manage
Sources tab on the default Video section.

Adding Feeds

Click on the green Add Feed button.

Enter either the RSS of the Video feed or in the case or YouTube the URL
of the profile page of the user you want to add.

It’s worth checking this page about adding feeds from YouTube – As in this
case I want to add all videos that are tagged noborders on YouTube I add
the following feed address


Now I want to assign a category and user to these videos. As they are call
coming from different users I choose a random ‘clearerchannel’ user.

As any old fool can tag a video ‘noborders’ on YouTube this is certainly
not a trusted feed to be approved automatically. So I’ll select Review
them first.

Click on the Add Source button. You’ll get updates on the videos that are
being imported.

Because I selected that I want to review the videos I’ll do that now by
clicking on Review Videos. I get the option to feature, approve or reject
different videos when I hover over their still image.

As Miro Community allows you to organise by categories – and output feeds
from these categories too. This may be useful to you if you want to add a
feed from videos from different sources. We could easily add another feed
and categorise it in the same way.

Getting the Output Feed

Navigate to the relevant category. You can do this by clicking on the
category page from the top menu.

You now get a page which lists all videos categorised as noborders and RSS
link as well which you can use for other services.

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