[HacktionLab] ACT: decider for spring hacktion lab small gathering in oxford end of March

Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Wed Feb 24 10:42:14 GMT 2010

Hi Everyone,

I propose we have a spring get together in Oxford as previously
discussed with the agenda of:

* book sprint to finish the book
* planning for summer hacktionlab

At this end we ought to be able to use OARC to host it if we're 8 to 10
people, that sort of number, Charlie's kindly said he'll help by
enquiring about kitchenistas that will help with some food.  For that
number we ought to be able to easily come up with crash space.

For me two dates would be ideal, and I've put a decider up to get a
feeling for who's going to be able to come, hence numbers, and what the
best date for it would be.

Any of you that are interested in coming, but especially those of you
working on the book and/or up for being involved in organising the
summer hacklab, do please fill it in.




Mike Harris
w: http://mbharris.co.uk
t: +44 7811 671 893

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