[HacktionLab] finished proofreading - now need further help was: Tech Tools for Activists book

ana anap at riseup.net
Wed Jul 21 17:47:25 BST 2010

Hi again,

I have now read the booki twice. Thanks so much to every one who have
made it possible , it shows it is well thought and articulated, I'd said
brilliant indeed - apart from a few small things ;)

I have made the amendments I thought, like putting full words to the few
acronyms that didn't have them, substituted some "n't"s with full
"not"s, indicated in which chapter more info could be found instead of
just "elsewhere" ...

There are a few small things I feel could be further improved, but for
which I need your help.

---- In the chapter about uploading your media:

"Indymedia.org.uk allows you to upload video files anonymously but you
don't get a streaming video player or an RSS feed."

but you do get this in various local sites don't you? do we not want to
include this? or mention the drupal capabilities, now that the drupal
aggregator is going to be deployed soon?


---- In the chapter on How to get pages removed from Google Cache

this phrase is gramatically incorrect and can not be understood:
"In this case, only the URL is needed. This process was repeated for the
http:// and https:// pages, but it is if this is necessary. "

I'd just write:
"you need to repeat the process for the same urls, but writing "https"
instead of "http" at the beginning"
but the original phrase doesn't make it clear to me if i would be
correct so I need help.

---- In the chapter Free as in Freedom, I have a minor problem with this

There has never been a major virus outbreak on GNU/Linux,

when has there been a minor one?

I think we could say that "there has never been a virus outbreak", or at
least that "virus outbreaks are unheard of" on gnu linux.

---- Further down the same chapter, this para,

"What are the prospects and strategies for keeping the benefits of free
software in an age of collaboration mediated by software services? One
strategy, argued for in "The equivalent of free software for online
services" by Kragen Sitaker (see <
is that centralised services need to be re-implemented as peer-to-peer
services that can run on computers as free software under users'
control. This is an extremely interesting strategy, but a very long term
one, for it is both a computer science challenge and a social one. "

I find a bit irrelevant for people not involved in developing software.
I almost was put off from going on reading myself. Which would be a pity
because the simil with restaurants and friends' houses is very valid.

--- In the same chapter, in this phrase:
"namely to ensure that people retain democratically self-managed control
over their own information infrastructure"

is the word "democratically" important? i would take it out for redundant.

Thanks for all the work again, and for any help/opinion/vision you can
give me now.


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