[HacktionLab] finished proofreading - now need further help was: Tech Tools for Activists book

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Wed Jul 21 22:24:33 BST 2010

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Thanks Ana

On 21/07/10 17:47, ana wrote:
> ---- In the chapter on How to get pages removed from Google Cache
> this phrase is gramatically incorrect and can not be understood:
> "In this case, only the URL is needed. This process was repeated for the
> http:// and https:// pages, but it is if this is necessary. "
> I'd just write:
> "you need to repeat the process for the same urls, but writing "https"
> instead of "http" at the beginning"
> but the original phrase doesn't make it clear to me if i would be
> correct so I need help.

The relevant sentence in the "upstream" document on which this was based
(https://we.riseup.net/marker/google-decache) says,
"I repeated this process for the http:// and https:// pages, but I’m not
sure if that’s necessary."

If anyone knows whether google indexes http and https documents
separately, please say so, then we can correct both documents. Failing
that, I think Ana's amendment is good.

> ---- Further down the same chapter, this para,
> "What are the prospects and strategies for keeping the benefits of free
> software in an age of collaboration mediated by software services? One
> strategy, argued for in "The equivalent of free software for online
> services" by Kragen Sitaker (see <
> http://lists.canonical.org/pipermail/kragen-tol/2006-July/000818.html>),
> is that centralised services need to be re-implemented as peer-to-peer
> services that can run on computers as free software under users'
> control. This is an extremely interesting strategy, but a very long term
> one, for it is both a computer science challenge and a social one. "
> I find a bit irrelevant for people not involved in developing software.
> I almost was put off from going on reading myself. Which would be a pity
> because the simil with restaurants and friends' houses is very valid.

I thought this was an interesting read but I don't think it's a high
priority for our target audience.

> --- In the same chapter, in this phrase:
> "namely to ensure that people retain democratically self-managed control
> over their own information infrastructure"
> is the word "democratically" important? i would take it out for redundant.

I agree.

Nice work everyone.

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