[HacktionLab] finished proofreading - now need further help was: Tech Tools for Activists book

ana anap at riseup.net
Sat Jul 24 15:52:21 BST 2010

Hi again, and thanks for all your answers and suggestions! more below
tho, including links not working.

i do not think we are ready to go to the printers yet. There is at least
one question of mine that has not been answered. Anyway, going chapter
by chapter ...

I have applied changes to the things I asked helpf for, in this way:

----- I changed all won't and can't and it's to will not and can not and
it is - except in the long quote in free-as-in-freedom, because it is a
quote. hope i didn't miss any one.

As I went along, I checked the links, and these ones do not work:

---- chapter Browsing the Internet Anonymously :

Your browser and operating system store a lot of information about you,
probably without your knowledge. For this reason we recommend using
Firefox on a GNU/Linux system, and following the instructions at

---- chapter free as in freedom:

the last one, ref. to the quote
Evan Prodromou, "RMS on Cloud Computing: “Stupidity”", CC BY-SA,
at least my browswer could not redirect properly

Then the questions I asked and their answers:

---- In the chapter about uploading your media:

"Indymedia.org.uk allows you to upload video files anonymously but you
don't get a streaming video player or an RSS feed."

I would just say "Indymedia.org.uk allows you to upload video files
anonymously and streaming video player and RSS feeds are being worked on
in various indymedia sites in the UK"

(since no one answered my question on this and other lists...)
no answer in say, 3 days? and I or any one can commit that change?

> > ---- In the chapter on How to get pages removed from Google Cache
> >
> > this phrase is gramatically incorrect and can not be understood:
> > "In this case, only the URL is needed. This process was repeated for the
> > http:// and https:// pages, but it is if this is necessary. "
> >

thanks for the info, Mark. I've written:

For pages that are availalbe using both "https" and "http", it is best
to make the request for both URLs to be sure both caches are updated.

> ---- In the chapter Free as in Freedom, I have a minor problem with this
> phrase:
> There has never been a major virus outbreak on GNU/Linux,
> when has there been a minor one?

Wow thanks for all that info, Ben. I've gone with the following phrase,

"Virus outbreaks in the context of GNU/Linux are so unheard of, and so
quickly fixed when they have happened, that they have become the stuff
of legend"

---- Further down the same chapter, this para,

"What are the prospects and strategies for keeping the benefits of free
software in an age of collaboration mediated by software services? One
strategy, argued for in "The equivalent of free software for online
services" by Kragen Sitaker (see <
is that centralised services need to be re-implemented as peer-to-peer
services that can run on computers as free software under users'
control. This is an extremely interesting strategy, but a very long term
one, for it is both a computer science challenge and a social one. "

> I thought this was an interesting read but I don't think it's a high
> priority for our target audience.

Following Mark's comment (thanks Mark) , I took it out.

--- In the same chapter, in this phrase:
"namely to ensure that people retain democratically self-managed control
over their own information infrastructure"

I took out the word democratically - thanks too Mark.

This book on internet security is gonna rock.


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