[HacktionLab] Anti-"nerdscare" site launched

Charlie Harvey charlie at newint.org
Sun Aug 7 15:31:31 UTC 2011


Interesting initiative from the National Lawyers Guild in the US.

"The US government has begun a War on Information, arresting those who
fight for freedom of information as well as their supporters. This
brutal crackdown on "hackers," "leakers," and "hacktivists" is occurring
throughout the United States and internationally.
...The National Lawyers Guild is here for you. Please contact us, or
your attorney, BEFORE you talk to law enforcement- BEFORE you say
ANYTHING to law enforcement."

And the press release:

"The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) provides legal defense and educational
resources to activists who are being targeted as part of the ‘Nerd
Scare,’ including individuals alleged to be affiliated with “Anonymous,”
LulzSec, and other activists and hacker collectives."



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