[HacktionLab] Looking for Hactionlabbers to help with Hackademia in Manchester in Sept this year

victoria sinclair vickysinclair at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 23:42:19 GMT 2011

Hey all

we are just putting together some plans for a hackerfest meets
community grass roots meets universities meets everything else in
between festival in sept - approx 14th for approx a week in Manchester
and Salford.    We are talking to different venues and groups about
doing longer eco residencies so we can really benefit from cross
pollinisation of ideas from varied groups and to include friend from
outside the UK who can get a proper immersion.  These residencies can
be between August and the end of October.

We would like to invite members of Hactionlab list to participate and
also if any of you would like to be on the advisory committee (to
decide what is presented once the call for ´papers` has reached its

If you have any questions please email vickysinclair at gmail.com and i
will let you know where we are up to....

and hope to see you at Hackademia!
Victoria Sinclair (Project Manager Generate Project and director ArcSpace

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