[HacktionLab] HacktionLab in Bradford 21/22 Jan - let's get it booted up

Adelayde Skidmore adelayde at riseup.net
Sat Nov 26 11:37:18 UTC 2011

Hi All,

We have a date for the next HacktionLab gathering: 21/22 January 2012
We have the location: the 1-in-12 Club, Bradford

What we need now is some ideas for content.

To that end, I've updated the site a bit and created a new page for the


I knocked up a graphic for it with my limited GIMP abilities, taking the
image from the 1 in 12's web site: please do come up with an
alternative; I won't be offended!

I've taken a straight copy of the time table from last year.  So please
edit, especially JimDog, Protag and Jen; who are our hosts once again
this year.

I've also started to put up some agenda ideas, taking the liberty of
putting in the new version of the book and the on tour idea as givens,
and also adding two proposals of my own: network23 and the new drupal
imc site we're working on down here in Oxford.

Let's get talking about it on the list, and working on the page.  If
you're not that happy with updating the wiki page, then please post to
the list and me or someone else can do it for you: hating Mediawiki
shouldn't be a barrier to contributing imho.

Also we could do with some flyers/posters I reckon: can anyone come up
with something.

So with just under two months to go, I'm getting exectited about seeing
a load of you again, being in the 1 in 12, seeing Bradford, and the
Saturday night curry special... oh, and the cheap beer!



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