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> What does everyone think?

Reasonable in principle, although there's nowt to suggest the event
will be in the UK.

On 18/07/12 15:02, Adelayde Skidmore wrote:
> Am thinking perhaps we should get in touch with them pointing out
> about when we're planning to do BarnCamp 2013 (june 2013), asking
> them when they're thinking of doing their thing, and suggesting we
> co-ordinate, collaborate and/or do something at each other's
> event?
> What does everyone think?
> On 18/07/12 13:14, Charlie Harvey wrote:
>> Might be of interest to some on here
>> -------- Original Message -------- Subject: [ECF] Tactical Tech's
>> Info-Activism Camp 2013 Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 11:37:48 +0200 
>> From: Faith Bosworth <faith at tacticaltech.org> Organization:
>> Tactical Technology Collective To:
>> Practitioners at ecampaigningforum.com
>> Hi,
>> We're organising this event next year and are trying to gauge
>> interest early, please share with anyone who might like to
>> attend!
>> Thanks,
>> Faith
>> ***
>> 'The Art of Using Data and Design for Evidence based Activism' 
>> First Call for Tactical Tech's Info-Activism Camp 2013
>> Evidence can be our most powerful asset and when used well it
>> can transform the way we perceive issues. Join us in 2013 at the 
>> Info-Activism camp to share and learn about the art of using data
>> and design for evidence-based activism.
>> You know about Wikileaks, but do you know how The Guardian
>> journalists, who had never really worked with data, turned the
>> thousands of leaked cables into information graphics? You may
>> have seen the new parody website Kickstriker or the Chevron We
>> Agree spoof site and wondered what's the art of culture jamming
>> and can you really learn it? Or Exxon Secrets: what are the
>> different data sources you'd have to consult build a website like
>> that? How do you get access to that data? What kinds of back-end,
>> technical skills do you need? Harassmap is popular for the way 
>> that it illuminates the issue of sexual harassment on the streets
>> of Cairo through a simple online crowdmap. But the map is just
>> the first step, how do you make it a strategic part of advocacy
>> with communities that are offline?
>> Social media, off-the shelf visualisation tools and digital
>> devices have become more accessible to campaigners but it is
>> still a challenge to create innovative and memorable campaigns
>> that exceed tools and sloganeering. How do we leverage the
>> evidence we have to go beyond the 60 page report and create
>> influential evidence-based campaigns? How can we use data and
>> technology to transcend the typical two-dimensional presentations
>> of information and influence audiences directly with
> evidence?
>> To explore the answers to questions like these, Tactical Tech,
>> together with its partners, will host the Info-Activism Camp
>> 2013: 'The Art of Using Data and Design for Evidence-Based
>> Activism'. The Info-Activism Camp 2013 will bring together 100
>> participants from around the world, with 25 skilled facilitators,
>> to collaborate on working with data, visual design and technology
>> for evidence-based activism.
>> Read more about this event and register your interest in
>> attending here: http://tacticaltech.org/camp2013
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