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On 18/07/12 18:55, Mick Fuzz wrote:
> On 18/07/12 17:44, penguin wrote:
> >> What does everyone think?
> > Reasonable in principle, although there's nowt to suggest the event
> > will be in the UK.
> I think it's not a bad idea although I suspect it won't be in the UK.
I see
> It
> would be well possible to think about similar things if we wanted to. It
> data journalism stuff is like, well trendy.
> I don't know if you people have seen this -
> http://datajournalismhandbook.org/ -
I have to say, kind of looks like a load of bullshit to me :P

I'll probably be spouting the pros of data journalism and how I was an
early advocate and adopter at the next BarnCamp .... I like to believe
that that's because I'm able to admit when I'm wrong and reassess my
value judgements at any time against external indicators rather than
that I might be a hypocrite that'll jump on any old bandwagon trundling
> And this event coming up in September -
> http://okfestival.org/topic-stream-data-journalism-and-visualisation/
> from http://okfn.org/
> It looks pretty good.
Yes it does :)
> I wonder if there is data visualisation that can build on some our
> existing projects. I have to say that this stuff is interesting but I
> still really want to try to get more profile for some of the alt.media
> stuff that gets made but doesn't get as networked and promoted as it
> could. So my mind tries to link the two ideas but it's struggling.
> nice one
> Mick
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