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I think this looks very good.
I'd be interested in this and especially in a training for trainers
session for I.T. & security related questions.

Is anyone else up for it?

nice one

> Hi, We?re sending this to you because your group provides vital
> support for social movements in Britain.
> Would you be interested in participating in a Movement Support
> Gathering later this year? Please get back to us about how you?d
> like to get involved, what you would be interested in bringing to
> the gathering and how you think such an event might help build our
> support networks throughout the U.K. Our contact details are
> below.
> With protests spreading up and down the country, we felt it would
> be helpful for groups who support this growing student, workers, &
> environmental protest movement to meet during a national event,
> build connections, and share workshops. So we?re putting out
> feelers to see if there?s interest in having a Movement Support
> Gathering later this year. The idea is to have it in central
> England (not in London) and perhaps focused around a large action
> that we could then support the day after the gathering. For
> example, the weekend before the Conservative Party
> Conference<http://www.conservatives.com/get_involved/conference.aspx>
> in Birmingham (8 to 11 October 2012).
> At the bottom of this email is a example of what a schedule for
> this gathering might look like.
> Solidarity & Autonomy, Green and Black Cross Legal Support 
> 07946541511 gbclegal at riseup.net<mailto:gbclegal at riseup.net>
> The format could be:
> DAY 1 During the day there could be workshops provided by all
> groups involved, such as:
> 1) A series of workshops & trainings (Know your rights,
> facilitation training, legal issues & squatting, organiser
> training, self defence, legal observer training, tech tools for
> activists, building a website, activist medics, conflict
> resolution, etc)
> 2) Trainer trainings (for example, how to train legal observers,
> etc.)
> 3) Space for groups/networks to meet (For example GBC needs to do a
> short business meeting amongst the various GBC regional groups who
> would be there)
> 4) An afternoon plenary session for open space discussion/skill
> share ? possibly use Seeds for Change or other facilitators. How is
> it we build a support network for the protest movements? How do we
> share information about what is already available (between
> ourselves and also the wider movements)?
> DAY 2 Presumably the following day would be an Action Day and many
> of us could participate or support the locally organised action
> -- Green and Black Cross Legal Support
> 07946 541511 
> www.greenandblackcross.org<http://www.greenandblackcross.org>
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> Please do not disclose the contents without permission. If you have
> received this email in error, please let me know, then delete the
> email and do not make use of it in any way. Please consider the
> environment before printing this e-mail.
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