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Subject: Summer internship in Cambridge developing open-source consensus	software 
From: Tom Lord <toml at aptivate.org> 
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Hello Hacktion Lab list owner,


Hello Hacktion Lab list,

I was at the 2011 Barncamp and had a great and inspiring time there. I'm 
not actually on this list, so am asking forgiveness for the laziness of 
posting without joining - reason being that I have limited time to fill 
a right-on Summer coding internship placement in my organisation in 
Cambridge, and I recently realised this might be a good bunch of people 
to tap up, and I wanted to get an email off today.

SO - we are Aptivate, which is basically a coop (formally we're a 
limited company, AND we run by consensus, and only do projects we like, 
and are generally Nice and we make lunch together and stuff). We mainly 
do IT for international development projects, as well as training and 
facilitation and consensus and participation related things.

We're looking for people interested in spending some of their Summer 
coding on open-source software, probably our consensus-decision-making 
toolkit that we're building, Econsensus, which we showed a very early 
demo of to some people at Barncamp last year. We've got two internship 
places and have filled one (so you wouldn't be alone!) and we have 
another going spare.

More info about the project and demo is at

and technical details are at

Broadly, we're interested in people who can code and do a bit of HTML / 
CSS, have some experience, and maybe know a bit of django / python 
already or are willing to learn fast.

There's also some info about our organisation in pages around there, 
although our website is in the middle of undergoing a much-needed 
revamping so the info isn't too fresh.

You'll be paid what we reckon is the living wage in Cambridge which is 8 
pounds an hour, and the internship would be for around 3 months of work, 
start date flexible, relatively generous holidays included. We would 
want you to work with us in our Cambridge office, and we can do our best 
to find you accommodation locally; we appreciate that might be 
interesting to arrange at this short notice! We'll do our best to give 
you some experience of pair-working with us, some agile software 
development processes, and how we organise ourselves.

If anyone's interested, let me know and we'll arrange an interview sharpish.


Tom Lord | (toml at aptivate.org)

Aptivate | http://www.aptivate.org | Phone: +44 1223 967838
Future Business, Cambridge City FC, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1UY

Aptivate is a not-for-profit company registered in England and Wales
with company number 04980791.

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