[HacktionLab] BarnCamp 2014: a new location? (Ben Green/

Mick Fuzz mickfuzz at clearerchannel.org
Sat Dec 28 11:17:05 UTC 2013

On 24/12/13 16:32, Patrice Riemens wrote:
> Aaaah - but do I see here a parallel with the abhorrent productivist sytem
> that enslaved us and whose shackles we presumably want to shed? So reading
> this I wish to state I would choose for the Forest any time!

I don't have strong opinions on this one. I think changing the site up
is good. I'd love to see more hacktionlab / BarnCamp events happening
and I'm sure that we can help people to do one at Stepping Stones if one
doesn't happen there this year.

It would be pretty cool if there was one at the beginning of the summer
and at the end as well.
It would be great if wood lovers stepped forward.

I'm up for helping out a bit on publicity but taking a step back from
the content planning. I'd like to be able to facilate a couple of
sessions instead. I'm happy to support however.

I think from my perspective it worked really well having the Sat and Sun
as an open space event. However, it did seem like it would have been
good to have a proper closing circle. 
Rhizome have got some good stuff here on doing -

The Friday was limited by people not really coming forward to do hack
type events. It might be good to do a more guided unconference approach
to help an emerging tech / altmedia project on the Friday maybe.
There is some really good stuff on that kind of event here -

nice one

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