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Fri Feb 1 12:41:58 UTC 2013

On 01/02/13 12:29, Tom Redshaw wrote:
> Hi,
> At a film screening in Manchester last October hosted by Manchester
> Open Rights Group I got talking to a member of Tech Tools for Activism
> and I was wondering whether I could get in touch for another
> discussion? I'm a PhD candidate at Manchester focusing on new
> technology and activism, so as you can probably guess Tech Tools for
> Activism and HacktionLab are really interesting for me. If you could
> provide me with any information I would be most grateful. You can
> contact me on this email or alternatively at
> thomas.redshaw at student.manchester.ac.uk
> <mailto:thomas.redshaw at student.manchester.ac.uk>
Hi Tom,
I remember talking to you. In terms of your research, you may find us
more useful in talking about old technology  - as sometimes we seem a
bit stuck in our ways. :)

Can you tell us more what info would be useful?

There's a lot of info on hacktionlab.org - you can see details of past
events and construct a bit of a narrative from that.
Also the list archives here would help too.

Here are some links anyway maybe get started there/ 

Check the 'interesting links' at the bottom of that page of a bit of a
history - a lot of projects evolved from the Indymedia project.
Also - https://techtoolsforactivism.org/ - has some new tools

nice one

ps - the aktivix wiki -seems to have been spammed.
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