[HacktionLab] Barn Camp<=>Reclaim the Fields Spring into Action Gathering

ProtectTheWilderness all at protectthewilderness.co.uk
Mon Feb 11 14:25:33 UTC 2013

Greeting fellow Haktards,

Any one interested in land, food rights? We're in the process of 
reclaiming 180 acres of agricultural/forestry land and a beautiful old 
farm with several large barns... we were hoping to be able to offer the 
barns for one of your camps in the not-to-distant future!, if you'd be 

We're a mix of radical growers, activists, green-builders, 
permaculturalists with a sprinkling of geeks'n'mechys.

My name's Thom Forester, I've only just re-signed up to your mailing 
list again after loosing my old mailbox- I used to be well into me 
haktivism, but now more of a land-rights, agro-ecology, food'n'seed 
sovereignty 'activist'... working within the Reclaim the Fields 
movement/ constellation (as we call it).

We're hosting the Reclaim the Fields Spring into Action gathering, 
pretty close to where barn camp has/is going to be held... it'll be a 
few weeks before the barn camp though, so we're well placed to support 
each other with infrastructure and whatnot.

We're in the land betwix two rivers, the forgotten wildside of 
gloucestershire- the Forest of Dean.

Currently looking for people interested in running workshops, 
skillshares etc.. but also just inviting you lovely people to our 
gathering... it'll be an exciting mix of talks, skillshares, direct 
actions and good old peasant work in the fields!

We'll be running another workshop on making DIY solar panels from 
industry waste products, hopefully a bio-char workshop and loads of 
land, growing, land-access/reclaimation, plus many other workshops 
covering a broad range of good stuff!

Before I start waffleing.... our websites below, get hold of us if you 
have any questions, or would like to help with the infrastructure, 
workshops or if you'd just like to come and be part of the biggest 
peasant land reclamation for hundreds of years!

yorkleycourt.wordpress.com < our main, local community facing website!
http://rtfspring2013.wordpress.com/ <fugly, under construction NOW!
reclaimthefields.org.uk < our constellations website

Resistance is fertile!

Thom Forester
all [at] protectthewilderness [dot] co [dot] uk

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