[HacktionLab] Bristol Anarchist bookfair call out

Ben Green ben at bristolwireless.net
Wed Jan 23 09:22:42 UTC 2013

Quoting Ben Green <ben at bristolwireless.net>:

> Quoting Mike Harris <mike at mbharris.co.uk>:
>> Ben and I did two years ago, covering some of the topics for
>> this year's BarnCamp, such as networks and collaboration, etc.  Would
>> BenG be up for this again?
> Sure, I'd be up for it. What topic though? I'll think on it.

I've thought on it a bit, here's one idea. I'd like to do a session on  
the Oracle take over of Sun Microsystems, the free software  
community's response to it, and what it means for the free software in  

Comments please.

Cheers, Ben

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