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1) Nerd Gag:
The proposed talks will not be very technical and will be more
concerned with the political, economic and social ramifications of
using these tools. I would present nothing more  complex than a top
level block diagram of how they worked and also a demonstration. E.g.
making a phone call with jitsi, a skype-like program. Technical info,
including installation and configuration will be available on a wiki I
will set-up.

2) Wiki:
I don't have an account on the wiki and new account registration has
been disabled. Can you create me an account: johnc, (if not in use)?

3) When I got to https://hacktionlab.org it says bad scary things, me
no happy :-(

Non geeks/nerds look away now:
When I try to retrieve  the above page with my browser (firefox) a
self signed certificate for hacktivista.net is served giving the
reported error:

hacktionlab.org uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed.
The certificate is only valid for hacktivista.net

(Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer)

If I bypass the http redirect by either setting:


in firefox


echo | openssl s_client -connect hacktionlab.org:443

from the CLI.

I get another self signed certificate for sigsys.co.uk.

If we get a free cert from https://www.startssl.com/ we can avoid
these errors so as not to deter less technical users :-).



On 17/03/13 09:37, Mike Harris wrote:
> Hi John,
> Nice suggestions.  Can you add them to the Wiki page at 
> https://hacktionlab.org/hacktionlab/index.php/BarnCamp_2013_ideas_scratchpad
> A note to all as well is that the workshops do need to be clearly 
> beginner to intermediate.  I suggest if there's lots of
> terminology involved in some technical explanations that it might
> be good to support them with hand-outs in the form of a glossary.
> Cheers,
> Mike.
> On 16/03/2013 20:58, johnc wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'd like to propose 2 talks:
>>> Mutual credit schemes as an alternative to crisis ridden
>>> capitalism and its failed banks: I'm planning to kick off a
>>> project in May in Oxford called oxcred (oxcred.org.uk). It will
>>> be a mutual credit scheme. It was inspired by the TEM scheme in
>>> Volos, Greece. It will use the cyclos banking software, (see
>>> cyclos.org). A fully working demo system is configured and
>>> running at oxcred.org.uk. Sign up and I will approve your
>>> account if you want to play around with the demo. You can also
>>> use the cyclos android app available in the play store. You
>>> will originally have a balance of +5 oxcreds, a credit limit of
>>> 10 oxcreds. A demurrage/ liquidity tax of 1% per month is
>>> automatically applied to the positive balance of all accounts.
>>> Federated VOIP: A handful of companies maintain a strangle-hold
>>> on telecommunications systems internationally. They also
>>> control large blocks of number space. This is pretty arbitrary.
>>> We now have open source software such as opensips, repro,
>>> kamailio etc that can replace large chunks of the telephone
>>> network. Over the last couple of years open source software
>>> phones have improved greatly,(e.g. linphone and jitsi). we can
>>> use these to make and receive calls assisted by the SIP server
>>> software listed above. Critically these systems allow for
>>> federation. A user alice at domain1.org can securely call a second
>>> user bob at domain2.org using the above system. The inter-server
>>> signaling,(call set-up and routing), is protected by TLS and
>>> the actual voice data is sent directly between peers and can be
>>> encrypted with ZRTP. I'm hoping to build a prototype system
>>> over the next fortnight. I will make test accounts available to
>>> people when it is ready.
>>> Cheers, John
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