[HacktionLab] Getting input into a mapping session on BarnCamp

Mick Fuzz mickfuzz at clearerchannel.org
Sat Oct 26 17:55:33 UTC 2013

hi there,

I've lunched out getting input about the below but I've been really busy
lately. Sorry!

I'm going to Helsinki tomorrow to share info about BarnCamp  at an
unconference called Education Engineering Dayshttp://edu.gamechangers.ru/

It looks pretty ad-hoc so I haven't had to do a lot of preparation. I'm
going to help out on a session on tools and techniques.

BUT I wanted to ask your help on one thing - the following activity.
So any input would be super great by about this time tomorrow.

Obviously - CIDER is going to be one of the cards - (maybe raveoke on
another) but it would be great to get suggestions for other ones.

    Prepare in advance for Introduction/mapping session..

*Mapping process (*as substitute for 10-minute presentations)

*Andrew elaborates this introduction/mapping session plan*

To avoid a long session listening to many people's 10mins intro, and
also not to repeat things later in the public lightning talks 
(Imagine: 2 x 25 intro talks in one day would be way too much)..

I propose a different introduction exercise, in which each invited
programme/institution briefly shares 4-8 aspects of their activity in
the form of small 'cards', that contain an image/keywords/sketch or
diagram, which can be briefly shown to everyone; and then they can be
grouped together in spatial clusters to playfully make connections
between different programme/institutions' interests.

Hence, I propose that each invited programme/institute prepares a
standardized contribution in the form of a A4 paper sheet..

 1. Download the following template:
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/110399725/A4-into-A7.pdf[1 KB]

 1. Think about 4-8 things that helps to communicate the particular
    aspects of the educational programme/institute, which can go into
    the 'collective mapping process'

 1. Each group prepares 4-8 elements (for example
    images/photos/keywords/sketches) to put on top of this PDF template 

 1. The elements can be added via image manipulation software such as
    Photoshop/GIMP, layout software, glue+paste, hand-written/drawn, or
    some other way..) 

 1. The outcome template+elements on A4 sheet is then given physically
    or emailed to Andrew <andrew at pixelache.ac> BY SUNDAY 27.10. EVENING 

 1. IF we need to print them, we can do it for you.

 1. We could ideally use a digital overhead projector to project them up
    on projection screen for all to see during the introduction/mapping
    session on MONDAY 28.10. MORNING

 1. Fold the A4 paper on the longest length in half , then same again,
    and same again, so there are 8 rectangles (4 rows, 2 columns) of A7
    size (105 x 74 mm), which you cut up.

 1. We could gluespray/stick them onto card/mount-felt for you..

 1. And then use them in a spatial-mapping of images/words/sketches
    pinned down together, and possibly using, black wool to connect them.

We probably want a roll/fold-up version of our map to carry easy to
Suvilahti the next day, so we would use the 'felt excel' that we have in
Pixelache office.
See example use:

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