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Sun Feb 2 22:52:13 UTC 2014

hi sy

you might also find something useful in the materials from cryptofestival.
there's a link at the top of

we promoted tools through practical workshops but also tried to 'up the
game' to a debate about what else needs to be done.

we definitely saw some of the upswing, with more than 500 people through
the door.


On 1 February 2014 15:00, Mick Fuzz <mickfuzz at clearerchannel.org> wrote:

> On 01/02/14 12:18, ekes wrote:
> > Also worth adding, related to this same upswing (think it's been
> > mentioned here before but even if so a reminder...) There are also TA3M
> > (Tech Activism 3rd Mondays) happening all over the place (including a
> > few on the island) now too:
> >
> > https://wiki.openitp.org/events:techno-activism_3rd_mondays
> > https://lists.openitp.org/mailman/listinfo/ta3m-en
>  I didn't know about that!
> That could be a good one!
> I've done a bit of a blog post about this kind of thing here.
> http://www.flossmanuals.org/news/floss-manuals-content-being-used-cryptoparties
> this is interesting too
> http://cataspanglish.com/blog/2013/12/15/cryptofestbtn-decrypted/
> nice one
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