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Wed Feb 19 21:53:44 UTC 2014

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Only met Protag a few times, but even in those few times his heartfelt
warmth and genuine character shone through. And his cooking was
fucking amazing too!

Much love and sympathy to all those that were close to him. The world
is a poorer place without Protag, but a richer place for what he gave
to us all.


On 19/02/14 11:57, Mike Harris wrote:
> Yes I agree, I certainly will miss the old bugger and his tireless 
> spirit, sarcasm and positivity.
> Protag was a key person in HacktionLab getting it off the ground
> and keeping it going through his tireless support of it both at
> BarnCamp and the Bradford gatherings in the 1-in-12.  He brought so
> much stuff in the van with JimDog one year, it was almost the
> entire event in there and actually did include a kitchen sink!
> Mike
> On 19/02/2014 10:11, Alan Dawson wrote:
>> That's very sad.
>> I have some great memories of working with protag, and the fine
>> hospitality and help he has given  me and many of us.
>> From feeding many hungover geeks at 1in12, Transporting kit to
>> and from Barncamp and providing great workshops.
>> He had a great dry humour and stoicism as can be seen in his
>> words below that was exactly needed to keep many long term
>> projects moving along.
>> I know he'll be sadly missed by everyone who's life he touched.
>> In sadness,
>> Alan Dawson
>> On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 08:57:36AM +0000, Mick Fuzz wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I've got some very sad news about Protag that many of you will
>>> know from Hacktionlab and especially from hosting us at the 1
>>> in 12 in Bradford.
>>> He passed away yesterday from a really fast acting cancer.
>>> He spend his last days in a hospice in Bradford surrounded by
>>> family and friends. There are a lot of very sad people right
>>> now. I saw him about a week ago after getting the email from
>>> him below. He still had his sharp sense of humour as you will
>>> see.
>>> I don't really know what else to say, but wanted to let you all
>>> know. Get in touch with me if you want to know when the wake is
>>> and I'll pass it on when I find out from Jim Dog.
>>> yours mick,
>>> /---/
>>> /I am in hospital with widespread cancer of the liver, spleen,
>>> spine etc. These are secondary cancers.// //// //Until they
>>> discover the primary cancer (it's been eluding the experts for
>>> over a week) they can't specify a treatment plan.// //// 
>>> //However, from what they've already said... and due to other 
>>> complicating factors, almost certainly whatever plan is
>>> indicated will not be suitable in my scenario; and plan B will
>>> come into operation.// //// //Which is to send me home with a
>>> McMillan nurse and a lot of painkillers.// //// //As such I may
>>> only be lucid for a week or two from now.// //// //I call it
>>> the Indignitas Clinic. Not as far away as Switzerland, and no
>>> air travel required.// //// //Anyhow, that means now is the
>>> time to thank you all for the help and support, and positive
>>> vibes, that you've given me, in the various things we've worked
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