[HacktionLab] Interference, unhacker unconference, Amsterdam August 15-17 2014

Patrice Riemens patrice at xs4all.nl
Wed May 14 09:08:58 UTC 2014



Interference, n:

     1. preventing (a process or activity) from continuing or being
carried out properly.

     2. the combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form
a resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or

Interference is a gathering of people, perspectives, theories, and
actions that share a critical approach to society and technology.
It will take place  at the Binnenpret in Amsterdam, NL from 15th to the
17th of August 2014. It will be a space where we can meet, debate,
share, learn, and find our affinities and oppositions.

The event comes as a response to the lack of a common ground for
confrontation and discussion over themes like technology, politics and
art that could break out of the existing containers and roles for such
concepts and practices. It doesn't seek for uniformity of skills or
interests, but rather focuses on a shared basis of intuitive resistance
and radical attitude towards the techno-social apparatus.

Interference is not a hacker conference, because hacking has become a
vague concept that completely fits in the established discourse of
innovation and efficiency, reinforcing the status quo. Fed up with yet
another recuperation, we wish to re/contextualize hacking as a
conflictual praxis and release it from its technofetishist boundaries.

This meeting wants to challenge hacker's identity, the internal dynamics
of hackerculture and its ethical values; at the same time it hopes to
bring together an heterogeneity of individuals, groups, methodologies
and practices. Interference welcomes discordians, intervention artists,
artificial lifeforms, digital alchemists, oppressed droids, luddites,
critical engineers and undefined collectives.

Three days of combining theory and practice, breaking and (re)inventing
systems and networks, playing with the art and politics of everyday
life. Topics may or may not include: philosophy of technology,
communication guerrilla, temporary autonomous zones, cybernetics,
bureaucratic exploits, the illusions of liberating technologies,
speculative software, the creative capitalism joke, the maker society
and its enemies, hidden- & self- censorship, and the refusal of the
binarity of gender, life, and logic.

Come to diverge from the existent, hack the urban environment, open
locks, perform ternary voodoo, decentralize and disconnect networks,
explore the potential of noise, build botnets, and party all night.

The event is intended to be as self-organised as possible which means
you are invited to contribute on your own initiative with your skills
and interests. Bring your talk, workshop, debate, performance, opinion,
installation, project, critique, the things you're interested in, the
things you want to discuss, especially if they're not listed in this

Let us know how you would like to interefere by sending a (brief)
abstract of your proposal before June 15 via e-mail to
<interference at puscii.nl>
More information will be available soon at http://interference.io .


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