[HacktionLab] [Android] Firechat and nearby communications

sam at bristolwireless.net sam at bristolwireless.net
Mon Oct 6 10:40:22 UTC 2014

> it seems it's not quite as autonomous/anonymous/secure as you
> might hope or expect, or open-source even!

Seems to offer similar functionality to the FOSS Serval project:

Secure voice calls, text messaging and file sharing over a mobile Ad  
Hoc wireless mesh network

Main problem with Serval is it's Android only, and I think you need a  
rooted device.
iOS is on their roadmap, but I'm not sure if that would require a  
rooted phone too.

I'm sure they would appreciate bug reports if anyone wanted to try it  



> http://breizh-entropy.org/~nameless/random/posts/firechnd_nearby_communication/
> Their website is currently down it seems, but they do have a Tweet pinned
> warning users that communications are not currently encrypted
> https://twitter.com/OpenGarden
> This sort of technology has the potential to be very useful and important
> in the future, however being closed source or less secure than you'd
> expect, it's important to keep a close eye on what you are using to keep
> your comms under the radar!
> A

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